my name is Erik Zitzermann, I’m a graphic designer based in Paris that likes to work on interactive experiences.

Some of my latest projects


Altarea website

Altarea is a company dedicated to the development of shopping centers in France, they asked Altima° to create a website that could be declined to all their centers, starting with Qwartz as pilot, that is a mall in north of Paris.

I participate in the creation of the fully responsive website. I was in charge of the art direction and interaction / ui design. We had to create an adaptable style guide system that could be declined for all the shopping centers with their different identities.

Club Med


Orange Business Lounge application

I was part of the team that worked on the redesign of the app for OBL, it is a service for enterprise customers in order to check their consumption, information about their contracts and get help if needed. I did part of the art direction, interactions, animations and ui design.

Orange Business Lounge app
Orange Business Lounge app


Club Med website

After working on a homepage redesign in 2015 with Altima°, Club Med gave them the task of a full responsive website redesign. One of the main pourposes was to simplify the already existent structure, there was a huge number of differents templates and no sense of components and modularity, the first design phase was the resort detail page and the booking engine.

Club Med

Some of the clients that I worked for

Disney, Dell, WWE, Powerade, Target, Danon, General Motors, Mazda, Microsoft, NFL, CNN, Petit Bateau, Bank of America, ING, Club Med, Orange.

Companies where I worked

Schematic, Possible,
actually working at Altima°.

Tools I use most of the time

Sketch, Figma, Invision, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Principle, pencil and paper.

Coding and programming languages

HTML, CSS, Javascript.